Sunday, January 6, 2013

Software Architecture

users typically see things differently than programmers. folks that use modern general purpose computers ( as opposed out to embedded systems, analog computers and supercomputers ) typically see 3 layers of software performing a range of tasks : platform, application, and user software.

  1. platform software : platform includes the firmware, device drivers, an operating system, and usually a graphical user interface that, in total, enable a user out to interact when using the laptop and its peripherals ( associated equipment ). platform software typically comes bundled when using the laptop. on any pc you may typically have the ability out to enhance platform software.
  2. application software : application software or applications are what most individuals assume of once they assume of software. typical examples embody office suites and video games. application software is typically purchased separately from laptop hardware. typically applications are bundled when using the laptop, other then that doesn't modification the actual fact they run as freelance applications. applications are typically freelance programs coming from the operating system, though they're typically tailored for specific platforms. most users assume of compilers, databases, and alternative system software as software gratis 2013
  3. user-written software : end-user development tailors systems out to meet users specific wants. user software embody spreadsheet templates and word processor templates. even email filters absolutely really undoubtedly are a type of user software. users produce this software themselves and several times overlook how necessary it's. depending regarding the best approach competently the user-written software is integrated into default application packages, many users might not be cognizant of the distinction connecting original packages, as well as what is added by co-workers.